Maintaining credibility and preventing dishonest behaviour

Looking for a secure, reliable, and efficient way to conduct online exams? Look no further than our Online Proctoring solution. Featuring end-to-end video recording and AI-based analysis, our platform is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. With robust API integration and streamlined exam creation processes, our Remote Proctoring technology is the perfect choice for professional testing, maintaining credibility, and ensuring full transparency during live exam sessions.

Benefits of Remote Proctoring
On-Demand Access

Need to take an exam at a specific time? With our on-demand exam scheduling, you can choose the day and time that works best for you.

Live guiding process

Our proctored exams include pre-exam guidance for students and technical assistance from our proctors. To ensure a secure and efficient testing process.

Functional Identity verification

Our exam security measures include reviewing photo IDs, capturing photos, and using facial recognition technology to ensure that each candidate is properly identified.

Live Environment Scanning

Our exam proctoring system scans the entire workspace to prevent unauthorized resources from being used during the exam.

How Does it work?

Our online proctoring system is a two-way process, with a proctor invigilating the candidate in real-time. Each proctor is capable of overseeing 5-10 candidates at once. To ensure the integrity of the exam, all applicant details are filled out in the presence of the proctor.

Why you should choose ExamExpress

ExamExpress remote proctoring is designed to block external applications and optimize browser performance, ensuring that you have a secure and seamless testing experience.


ExamExpress provides a robust online exam platform with advanced proctoring software to help candidates take exams from the comfort of their own homes.

Assessment source

Our cognitive technology is specifically designed to reduce false positives and provide the most accurate results possible.


Our proctoring software provides a secure testing environment while cutting down on costs. You can trust our technology to deliver reliable results every time.

Training and certification

We provides a safe and secure environment for mechanized proctoring, backed by a powerful assessment engine that delivers accurate and reliable results.

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