What is National Talent Assessment?

National Talent Assessment is a powerful way to democratize hiring and reach a wider pool of candidates. This method of bulk hiring allows organizations to tap into the rich talent pool available across the country, regardless of location or background. It also streamlines the recruitment process, saving time and resources.

Why organizations require National Talent Assessment?

To source top-tier talent from diverse locations throughout the country.

To promote a fair and inclusive hiring process that provides equal opportunities for the most qualified candidates.

Opportunity for entry-level candidates to secure competitive compensation packages.

Connect with thousands of recent graduates simultaneously.

Identifying top talent through assessments that measure aptitude, logical reasoning, and communication skills(both written and verbal).

Making informed hiring decisions based on a comprehensive selection process.

A skilled and competent workforce is vital for the success of any organization. Employing the right talent helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives effectively.

Identifying and recruiting talented employees who can contribute to the success and growth of the company.

How it would benefit an organization?
Test Pattern
Section No. Of Questions Durations
Aptitude Test 60 50 Minutes
English 10 10 Minutes
Logical Reasoning 10 10 Minutes
Domain Specific Depends on the hiring profiles 10 Minutes

An organization's recruitment strategy involves a significant investment of time and resources to attract the best candidates. However, according to research, implementing talent assessment can lead to increased productivity and improved risk management, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.

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