Structured Interview sessions help to cut-down screening interview time of candidates & interviewer.
Maximum Flexibility

Our innovative live interview solution provides a structured and efficient way to conduct interviews, resulting in reduced time and cost associated with the hiring process.

Consistent & Data Driven Decision Marketing

Our interview platform records all interviews, providing you with the flexibility to review them at any time and share them with your team to make well-informed hiring decisions.

Candidate & Interviewer Experience

Our platform enhances candidate communication by personalizing outreach and automating notifications to keep all parties informed throughout the hiring process.

High Quality & Low Bandwidth

Our solution provides a reliable and efficient way to connect with candidates, even in remote areas with poor network connectivity, using low bandwidth networks.

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How live Interviews works?
Schedule Date and Time

Schedule candidate interviews based on your availability, selecting a time slot that works best for you.

Send email invitations to applicants for e-Interview board rooms, enabling efficient and convenient virtual interviews.

e-Interview Board Room

To access the interview board room, simply click on the provided link.

Once you and your candidate click on the link, you will both enter the virtual board room.

Save the e-Interview for future reference.


Review the interview recording and evaluation feature to make informed decisions about candidates.

Emphasize the crucial elements of the interview.

Easily share the live interview video with your hiring team.

Make reference to the recorded interview in the future.


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